About Us

Attic Mech is an online resource focused on installing, repairing, and maintaining an attic in good shape. We have prepared practical guides on:

  • attic installations
  • attic repairs
  • attic waterproofing
  • attic pest issues and rodent proofing
  • attic air sealing and duct replacement
  • attic insulation and insulation removal
  • as well as cost guides on several issues pertaining to attics in most homes.

Are you facing one issue or the other with your attic? Do you see some signs but don’t know what they mean?

Attic Mech details attic problems, their causes, and what signs to look out for. We include DIY fixes where it’s practical and suggest commercial services and products where necessary.

If you need to contact us to ask questions, contribute resources, or request a review of your product or services, here is a link to mail us.